Young has reported on the impact of

Aida Karapetian

Young has reported on the impact of

the exchange rate on commodity prices: Aida Karapetian Young has reported the exchange rate that tuned up, traders and producers were ahead of each other in increasing commodity prices, a difference required to set up comprehensive systems such as trade, customs, warehouses, highways and ..  In addition,

  • cyberspace and telegram channels are an easy platform
  • he said By connecting these systems together,
  • you can easily pass the goods through
  • the customs door You will see
  • that smuggled foreign brands are selling a lot And it
  • has left no control over the smugglers selling their goods

$ 6 billion turnover of home appliance

smuggling The secretary of the Iranian Audio Aida Karapetian and Video Equipment Association said that he tracked the situation up to the retail unit and prevented its distribution in the brokerage market and its pricing at the free rate and arbitrariness of importers or intermediaries. Thus,

  • the deliberate lack of government oversight
  • did not mean that goods whether imported or domestic
  • consumer or capital now that the exchange rate
  • has fallen by 25 percent there is no sign of falling prices

Economists believe that there was no stability

Today it has reached 55 million tomans, which in addition to the price of ancillary costs such as medicine and labor, transportation livestock inputs and the like. Rezaei states that the multiplication of input prices: “in divestitures” and “the Aida Karapetian formation of e-government and the integration of information to be effective in the fight against corruption and smuggling” were among the most important topics of their speeches.

  • A number of freeways have become expensive for abuse.
  • The government annually spends about 130,000 billion
  • tomans in subsidies for the import of livestock inputs
  • but it is not clear exactly who benefits from this subsidy because


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