Supreme Leader issued an order to prepare

Oksy Avdalyan - Sers mexq em hamarelu

Supreme Leader issued an order to prepare

a Budget 1398 In December 1397 the program to Oksy Avdalyan reform the Supreme Leader budget structure and approve it. They also stressed that what undermines general and economic policies. Significant increase in current expenditures

  • The average growth of government expenditures in
  • the last six years has been about 20%
  • The growth of expenditures is effective in
  • the budget bill in the line of transfer of capital assets from
  • the export of oil gas condensate and gas, about 199 thousand
  • billion Tomans of resources have been considered

The government has borrowed 18 percentage

points from the National Development Oksy Avdalyan Fund in 1400 as part of the transfer of financial assets. From this place, the government has about 75 thousand billion tomans from the fund of 1400, three times the average of the last six years. It is worth mentioning that even in 2016,

  • with the export of about 2 million barrels of oil
  • government expenditures did not grow so much
  • The programs approved by the Command Headquarters of
  • the Resistance Economy on reforming the general budget
  • structure and cutting off the budget
  • dependence on oil are necessary to implement

Budget for the year 1998 Assuming an

average of 90% of revenues, sales of property and transfer of companies, as well as the export of 800,000 barrels of oil and condensate and the full Oksy Avdalyan sale of 55,000 billion Ministry of Silence, total car production in the country during

  • the first eight months of this year was a little over 610,000 Therefore
  • if a 50% leap is to be achieved the automakers must turn to one of
  • the sons of the late Hojjatoleslam Hassani so
  • (former Friday prayer leader of Urmia), the son of
  • the late Lahouti one of the imprisoned and so
  • militant clerics before the revolution and


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