Sevak Amroyan

Sevak Amroyan
Name : Sevak Amroyan
Born : July 10, 1990 (age 30 years), Yerevan
Years Active : 2013–present
Album : Yarkhushta، El Yetdardz Chka
Genre: Pop
Description : Sevak Amroyan is a popular artist from Armenia. Popnable collects information about 1 songs by Sevak Amroyan. Artist’s music video reached 235.4K total impressions, 3K upvotes, and 57 downvotes . The highest Sevak Amroyan ‘s charting position is #120 , and the worst ranking place is #246 . Sevak Amroyan’s songs spent 2 weeks in the charts. Most climbed song of Sevak Amroyan reached +126 positions up. The worst movement is 120 places down … Sevak Amroyan Mp3 – Sevak Amroyan skachat – remix


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