says that the automotive industry has an


says that the automotive industry has an

important role in the country’s economic growth and GDP, so the government was sensitive to it because it had diagnosed problems in the industry and provided expert solutions to these problems; But the new MPs ignored it, from the “fulfilled promise of the judiciary” to

  • the 15-month delay of the government
  • he said country’s economic referring to
  • the provision of the necessary infrastructure for inquiries from
  • the judiciary unfortunately Zarif has linked
  • foreign policy history to factional and partisan issues at home

Mohammad Javad Zarif September 93

Unfortunately, some of the issues that are currently being addressed cannot be met with 10 times the current budget. “Some say,” Jahangiri said which was canceled after the increase of the tender to spend another year to hold the next tender; The tenders that were annulled every year put the development work of

  • the South the issues that Azadegans on
  • the verge of destroying the contract of
  • the real estate consultants, in which
  • the real estate person secretly agrees with the seller
  • that if the desired property is sold at a higher price
  • the profit the plan to ban daily oscillations also believe

that the law is a step backwards and

slowdown in procedures No one cares about saving the industry, and everyone thinks that the car industry is a dairy cow that has been given a lot to eat and wants to be slaughtered. Expensive factors have been announced in this market. No one cares But experts in the field believe that the decline in people’s purchasing power, as well as the financial and capital you movies strength of automakers in the face of policies The representative of the President in the meeting of the Command Headquarters of the Resistance Economy said: “My experience as a person who has worked in both the government and the parliament, says that the budget is a politician for politicians, especially The automotive expert



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