Sargis Avetisyan

Name : Sargis Avetisyan
Born : 1989 Artsakh
Years Active : 2008 present
Album : …..
Genre : Pop
Description : Sargis Avetisyan was born in 1989. The Avetisyans lived in the village of Melikashen in the Hadrut region of Karabakh before the Artsakh movement. Sargis Avetisyan has been singing since he was ten years old. Singer Sargis Avetisyan was first recognized during the annual “Gift” song contest-festival in 2008. He loved both the audience, the audience and the jury. Who is >> the video for the song appeared on the TV screens, he fell in love very quickly. And now the fans are already sending him gifts and letters. He himself did not expect such a success. “Who is”, 2010 “Half joke, half serious”, 2011 “Love or illusion” , 2012 year. He made a video based on the songs “A Little”. Well, let’s wait for the young news singer, who came to show business not to surprise, but to express his soul and heart through the song.


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