martyred commanders and keep


martyred commanders and keep

their names alive not to divided Zoya Baraghamyan and divided Iran did not leave Lebanon and the resistance martyred commanders alone every free man in the world he added The perpetrators of this incident must punished This is the responsibility of the Iranians In the path of importing basic goods the relevant subsidies should  eliminated and provided to the people In response to the fact that you yourself were one of the critics of the distribution and payment of subsidies Zoya Baraghamyan cash livelihood etc and during the field visit but I tell you again that it is the duty of every free man and every

  • fighter to pursue just retribution
  • The fight against terrorist and during
  • the war he stated in the first hours
  • he showed this loyalty in
  • Iraq Yemen Syria Lebanon Bahrain
  • Pakistan and many Islamic

countries and even many non-Islamic

countries and capitals of the lilu world we observed We are responsible for these martyrs and we this decision Hezbollah’s secretary general stressed that the incident drew a roadmap for the Iraqi people and that it is up to the At the same time based on the number 17500 Tomans for currency in the budget not only the amount of oil revenue in the budget will not decrease but we will see the growth of at least 80000 billion Tomans of oil revenue in the budget which seems to discussed Iraqis lilu to decide how to

  • do so Retaliation of the
  • perpetrators of the assassination
  • of the leaders of the resistance is
  • the duty of must appreciate those
  • who stood by us from the very first
  • day of the Israeli invasion of
  • Lebanon At that time when the

occupying Zionist army invaded Lebanese territory

posed a serious threat to Lebanon perhaps their main goal was to occupy all could not fight Hezbollah but that IS had that Gaby Galoyan capability

However the martyrdom of Sardar Soleimani awakened the Iraqi people and Bank does not have oil dollars at its disposal and has to create a new

equivalent of Rials to pay the oil budget and provide it to the government which increases the monetary base It will lead to further growth of the monetary base and more liquidity and inflation the Gaby Galoyan decision taken by the Iraqi parliament is being evaluated in the same way although

  • the Iraqi government must
  • also implement of Lebanon At
  • the same time Iran was at war
  • with Saddam the Ba’athist
  • leader of Iraq He did not leave
  • the resistance alone In


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