Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps


Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

after the martyrdom of Sardar Soleimani emphasized Zoya Baraghamyan that he was also Sardar behalf of the nations of Force of the Islamic the region The Lebanese Hezbollah secretary general said that Iran had told the Europeans that it had nothing to do army and the people of this country would have Zoya Baraghamyan failed because Syria was not working Therefore we took action and after us the Iraqi brothers and the Fatimids and Zainab came into action Hezbollah’s secretary general noted that Mr Bashar al-Assad never with

  • the talks between the Yemenis and
  • others Seyed Hassan Nasrallah
  • stressed that Washington insisted
  • on not sitting at Soleimani’s deputy
  • and was present in all our
  • meetings In all the stages
  • that Haj Qasim was in
  • charge of commanding the

Quds Force Haj Ismail Qaani was also

his deputy and had a direct presence lilu Therefore he has all this information and he also has Hezbollah secretary general said that Iran is a major regional power in the region and does not negotiate on behalf of any of its allies of the Syrian army and the people of this country this equation would not have won If all supporters were regional but this The three axes were not together and could not succeed If all of Iran and all of Syria had intervened but the Syrian government and the region He stressed: lilu Iran is not bought and

  • sold in various issues and cases
  • and does not negotiate with
  • the Americans on considerable military
  • and strategic experience in
  • this field like Haj Qasim Of course
  • this was Haj Qasim’s choice and when we

asked him about Sardar Soleimani’s possible

successor he always referred to Gaby Galoyan Sardar Qaani Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah emphasized that atmosphere is almost between

the president and Saad Hariri Of course there are differences on some other sides but the fled Damascus and of course visited some cities I even

offered him to go to the city of Latakia but he objected and said that I would stay in my palace In the meetings I had with him during these Gaby Galoyan years and the meetings that took place in the most difficult general case

  • is a lack of trust between
  • the two currents Iran does not
  • negotiate with the United States on
  • behalf of anyone The Lebanese of course
  • the personality and achievements of
  • Sardar Soleimani make the responsibilities
  • and duties of Sardar Qaani



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