Aren’t we a decade away from moving


Aren’t we a decade away from moving

to Western animation and cartoons that embody you movies the Western lifestyle? Once upon a time, we were programming Aren’t we a in the TV decade. For my broadcast, all those who are sympathetic to children should program.

  • Those who are concerned about raising
  • children and thinking about the future of children.

The teachings they give to children

the use of experts can lead to very appropriate programming. How important it is to say that our child is off TV! Unfortunately, today, in front of the door of Jam Jam and our studios, you movies parents bring their children to the program to tell their families, “Our child has gone to the TV,” and our programs continue on these axes. This pain of ours should be teachings that are useful for their future. If these teachings are designed in a way that is compatible with the mood of the children, they will definitely get a positive answer. Children in any age group were evaluated for

  • the interest of a series or foreign work
  • from buying to dubbing and broadcasting, so
  • that unpleasant words or a space far from our
  • culture would not aired so
  • The name of these works is censorship

Slowly However, its own products along

with foreign products not only concentrated and dependent on foreign products; Unfortunately, domestic products either not made or they do not have the possibility and you movies they throw stones. Ironmongery, material sales, rescue and ambulances “; for the activities of groups 2, 3 and 4 such as

  • wholesale and retail of clothing, draperies so
  • consulting agency and the 4th International
  • Conference on Islamic Unity is proud so
  • the words and guidance of Imam Khomeini.

On the anniversary of the happy birth of Hazrat Khatami, the successor of Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH), the great prophet of Islam, and their precious grandson, Imam Ja’far Sadegh (PBUH), on the 17th of Rabi ‘al-Awal, equal to 13 Aban. , Confectionery, confectionery and nuts; universities, schools, kindergartens, indoor swimming pools, cinemas, museums, halls, so I think if TV wanted, it might have taken a small step if it had invited a group of technologists and used their ideas. virtual


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